November 16-17, 2006; November 25, 2006; December 2, 2006
“Journey to the East”
A Shaolin Legacy Show
Documentary by Central Chinese Television International(CCTV) broadcasted over 300 million people in China alone
Mobile: Mobile Civic Center
New Orleans: Tulane University McAlister Auditorium
Attendance: 22700 anticipated (locally)

July 2005
“Journey to the East”
Documentary produced and filmed by CCTV
“A group of Martial Artists from US led by Shaolin Grand Master
Shawn Liu (Shi Deru), meets hard training challenges at the Shaolin Temple” 
Broadcasted in China by CCTV network Satellites through 2 channels

June 2003
Art of War –K. Superstar
US Open International Martial Arts Championships
K. Superstar Production filmed by CCTV network
Broadcasted in China through CCTV sport channel Satellite
George Convention Center Atlanta, GA
Attendance: (3,700+)

Summer 2002
“Master Shawn Liu in America”
God Father of Sanshou Kickboxing
Series of documentary produced and filmed by
CCTV networks and Broadcasted through Satellite

November 2002
Art of War- K. Superstar production
US Open International Martial Arts Championship
Filmed by CCTV network; Broadcasted in China by CCTV sport channel Satellite
Gulf Port, MISS

Summer 2001
“Master Shawn Liu in America” Documentary
Produced and filmed by CCTV network and broadcasted
through Satellite on two channels in China and the rights were bought
by other Asian countries and broadcasted in many other networks in Asia