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Shaolin Training Camp Enrolls Youth Worldwide, Daring Them To Meet Life’s Challenges

This summer, Shi DeRu LIU Shaolin Institute will enroll students from around the world who are willing to experience unique challenges and become a champion in life.


The Shaolin Warrior Training Camp will be directed and instructed by Grand Master Shi DeRu, 31st Generation Shaolin. CCTV Network describes the Grand Master in its 6-part documentary of him: “The Shaolin Legend Master Shi DeRu (Shawn Liu), The Father of Kung Fu Sanda for America”.  


 The LIU International Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute is derived directly from the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China and is committed to teaching original Shaolin wisdom as passed down generationally for more than 1,500 years.  Through the wisdom of Chan, Confucianism and Taoism combined with the discipline of traditional Kung Fu, the LIU Institute offers age-appropriate curriculum in: Shaolin Culture, Shaolin Kung-Fu (Gong Fu), Tai Chi (Taiji Quan), Qigong, Tai Gong (for Natural Healing) and Chan (Zen) Meditation. 


TRAINING CAMP MISSION:  To use Shaolin and train students to meet internal and exernal challenges, to be lifted up in life and be a person of great character, one with high discipline and great confidence, ready to pave their way to the future.

As Shi DeRu has expressed:  “Life is not easy. To be a champion in life is even more challenging. Shaolin training here is only for those who are willing to face their fears and have the courage to rise above them.”  



All camps start June 6th 2011.

Early Registration starts May 10th, 2011.



Full-time Shaolin Warrior Camp:  2-months full-time on-site attendance (limited room  provided). Includes international travel with training at the Shaolin Temple, Henan Province, China. Each Student will be able to train directly with the two original Shaolin Temple Family Grand Masters: ShiDeRu and Shi DeYang.

Part-time Shaolin Warrior Camp: same as above without on-site boarding. Students must arrange for their own daily transportation to and from the United States training location.  

The first part of the camp will be in the United States from June 6th to July 16th .

The second part of the camp will be held in China from July 17th to August 2nd .

The 2nd part is optional for Part-Time students. Space availability to Part-time campers for China training will depend on number of Full-time camp registrations.


Part-time Shaolin Youth Camp: Tailored to youth ages 6 – 12. Boarding on-site is not provided. First session runs June 6th to July 1st.  Second Session runs July 5th – July 16th.  Students will receive true Shaolin youth training as originally taught at the Shaolin Temple. This intensive experience mirrors the lessons and training provided during standard bi-weekly lessons, compressed and enhanced through each day’s on-site regimen. This camp may also be enrolled on a weekly basis.


Shaolin Warrior Intensive Training:  For Advanced Students of the Martial Arts. Full-time on-site boarding required. Camp runs July 9th - July 16th. Based on 8-day & 8-night Shaolin experience, this training is only for those who are intrigued by true Shaolin high level discipline and for students who are willing to meet tougher challenges.

“Of course, this Shaolin training camp is not, and cannot be for just any youth.” explains the Chief Coordinator of Shaolin Institute, “The camp will not only train youth in personal safety, leadership skills, good character and discpline; but also train them with various tests and trials to meet today’s global challenges, understanding and experiencing cultural differences.”


Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute Instructors & Future Masters Program:  There will also be a Shaolin instructors and future masters program for qualified students. Training with the two descendants of the original Shaolin family and close disciples of the Great Grandmaster of the Shaolin Temple in this century, Shi SuXi, is a very rare opportunity for any serious martial arts student.


SHAOLIN TEMPLE TRAINING:  Included in the Full-Time Shaolin Warrior Camp. Depending upon number of Full-time camp registrations, part-time camp students meeting international travel requirements will be given the opportunity to experience two weeks of Shaolin Pre-Disciple Warrior Training at the Shaolin Temple, China from July 17th - Aug. 2nd.


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: For these special training sessions, LIU International Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute will provide linited full & partial scholarships for those qualified families and individuals who meet the school’s stated academic minimums and who’s talents merit attendance and training. There are two kinds of scholarships avaiable:

1. Academic-character scholarship

2. Financial-character shcolarship.

For details call the Institute’s registration desk: 770-286-9808.


TRAINING CAMP LOCATIONS:  There will be two United States training camp locations: the LIU International Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute campus in Mobile, Alabama; and the Shaolin Institute campus in Atlanta, Georgia.


ACADEMIC & PHYSICAL TRAINING:  The philosophies and wisdom of the Shaolin temple will be studied and discussed throughout camp period to give each student a chance to grow spiritually, physically and mentally as a true Shaolin warrior.

Camp topics may include, but not be limited to,

Ancient Chinese Wisdom

Body and Mind Toughening the Shaolin Way

Shaolin Internal Forms (including TaiJi and Qigong breathing)

Authentic Shaolin Animal Forms

Shaolin Sanda (Full contact kickboxing & grappling)

Shaolin Weapons & Weapons Pairings (two person forms)

Shaolin Kung Fu Hand Forms & Pairings (one & two person forms)

Street Combat Self-Protection Techniques

QinNa (grappling and joint locking)

Shuaijiao (combat wrestling)

The institute offers original Shaolin as well as exclusively designed new external programs such as: Extreme Kickboxing for Iron Body Shape, San Shou/San Da, Chin Na (grappling) Shuai Jiao (wrestling) as well as Shaolin Chan Nutrition.  Grand Master Shi Deru, a 31st generation descendant of the Shaolin Temple has passed down not only the knowledge of Shaolin Wisdom and the physical martial skills, but the benefits of Shaolin life-skills in which will be passed on to each and every student through his knowledgeable instructors.

 Many world class Mixed Martial Arts and Martial Art champions as well as Kungfu Sanshou/Sanda national champions like Cung Le, a Strikeforce Champion and Patrick Barry, one of the best UFC fighters, Li Jie Sanda King of China and world Sanda champion, Wael Karika Muhammed, a world Sanda champion and many other international and national champions such as Li Qiang, Shi Zhong Qin, Aaron Honeycutt, Steve Dang, Ruddi Ott, Max Chen, Albert Pope, Melvin Guillard, Juan Zarate, Dustin Carbajal, Robert Pritchett, Mike Altman, K.J. Noon, Kevin Nguyen and David Sanders just name a few, have either trained or started their training here under Shaolin Grand Master Shi DeRu (Master Shawn Liu.), a 31st generation descendant of the Shaolin Temple, who has been featured on Chinese Central TV & other Chinese international networks with more than 6 documentaries, dozens of articles in many international magazines both in Chinese and English languages as well as International Martial Arts magazine covers. The instructors at each campus are committed to life-long learning at the direction of the Grand Master Shi Deru. For more information please contact the institute: 770-286-9808; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; Or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;

For more information, contact the institute at: (770) 286-9808 - 4350 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Studio 500 A Norcross, GA 30071 or visit